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Friday, 16 March 2012

When our Children Become Our Clients

My Daughter and Me at Various Stages of our Life, Photo Collage by Danuta Antas

Not so long ago, ... in fact I feel as if it was yesterday, I taught my daughter Monique to discover the world marvels and enjoy all the miracles around us. Now, I was asked to design a business card for my child, who is now a lawyer, which I actually don't know when it happened. I miss the time, when she was small and even being a working mother, I always had a time for walks, plays, book reading, etc. with Monique. We mutually enjoyed our company and truly, now from some time perspective, I think she gave me more than I did for her. Even all the time and effort I devoted to her can not compare to how much I gained from Monique's incredible passion for learning new things, her enthusiasm, intelligence, fantastic sense of humour and strong character.
Even the fact I know English, which is not very common in my country among a communist-time-brought-up generation of mine, I owe to my daughter to the large extend. Now, I am able to learn a lot on the Internet, make friends worldwide, communicate with people from all over the world, make business with them or just chat. All that is my current life I really enjoy and but not Monique who knows what I would do today.
I love her so much.

I would love to hear from you what gains you owe to your children? Share with us in the comments below, please!


  1. Danka, beautiful photo collage, beautiful Mom and daughter .... beautiful post!

    1. :)Hi Elinor:) Thank you so much for a kind comment:) While updating my design portfolio recently I realized that I do design works for my daughter!:) Are we really so much grown up women?:) ... hmmm ... better not think of it.


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