Welcome to my Seeking Beauty in Ordinary photography blog. I am Poland based fine art photographer, graphic designer & web designer. For almost 20 years, I used to work as an Art and English teacher at all school levels. As a designer working on commission, the needs and tastes of my clients are priority. While photography is my way of self-expression, my true love and passion. I took it up in 2009 and each day I’ve been learning something new about photography, technique, gear, etc. Looking at the world through the lens made me see everything in a sharper way, more consciously. I have learnt to notice beauty in things commonly perceived as ugly, ordinary as well as I have learnt to sense some mystic energy surrounding me each day.

I hope you enjoy my through-the-lens vision of a world I share with you on this site and find my Art language tips useful. Your comments are an invaluable feedback to me.For more information about my work visit my Painted with Light website. Contact with via my BEHANCE Pro Site.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Inspired by Quietness - Water Photography

This summer season I have decided to follow the theme I started last year. I mean water and its lines and rhythms inspirations. My focus on this theme is because of being tired with more and more busy and speedy life we all seem to live. Scientists have invented computers to help people do things easier and faster. I guess they have thought their invention spare our time on doing things we must to be able do things we love.

How it is in reality we all know. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. - constant buzz, noise, talking, commenting, liking and actually do not caring at all.  That is why I seek for peace, which is a must to be creative.  Stillness inside us is a must to hear our inner voice. Observing water makes me really calm and actually very happy.

I want to share with you some images of water I did this summer, which sadly comes to the end in my country. I will be garteful for any comments you leave on my blog. Thanks in advance.

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