Welcome to my Seeking Beauty in Ordinary photography blog. I am Poland based fine art photographer, graphic designer & web designer. For almost 20 years, I used to work as an Art and English teacher at all school levels. As a designer working on commission, the needs and tastes of my clients are priority. While photography is my way of self-expression, my true love and passion. I took it up in 2009 and each day I’ve been learning something new about photography, technique, gear, etc. Looking at the world through the lens made me see everything in a sharper way, more consciously. I have learnt to notice beauty in things commonly perceived as ugly, ordinary as well as I have learnt to sense some mystic energy surrounding me each day.

I hope you enjoy my through-the-lens vision of a world I share with you on this site and find my Art language tips useful. Your comments are an invaluable feedback to me.For more information about my work visit my Painted with Light website. Contact with via my BEHANCE Pro Site.


"Know ye not that there is here in this world a secret confraternity, which one might call the Company of Melancholiacs? That people there are who by natural constitution have been given a different nature and disposition than the others; that have a larger heart and a swifter blood, that wish and demand more, have stronger desires and a yearning which is wilder and more ardent than that of the common herd. They are fleet as children over whose birth good fairies have presided; their eyes are opened wider; their senses are more subtile in all their perceptions. The gladness and joy of life, they drink with the roots of their heart, the while the others merely grasp them with coarse hands." (19th century Danish novelist and poet Jens Peter Jacobsen)


This is my art and photography blog, where I am going to write in a less formal way about myself and things in life that matter to me. These things are: my family, my Art, love to nature and to constant learning and love to be truth to myself.

My Dearest and Nearest

Monique - my only daughter, very young lady of unique personality, great beauty and incredible intelect. She became a lawyer at the age of 22, speaking now 6 languages.
She lives and works in Warsaw, so we see very rarely and greatly miss each other.

Andrew - my beloved life partner, incredible soul, best friend. We are together since 2006, working in our real estate company. Andrew is a realtor and me working there as a photographer, designer, responsible for marketing strategies.

Bari - is my best Valentine, cute, friendly, loving. He joined our family on February 14th, 2003, taken straight from the street, where he was left alone on a freezing, Winter day. It was my daughter who insisted on taking him home. We never regreted this decision.


Uzi - Belgian Shepherd, champion of Poland. It was Andrew's dream to have such a dog as he loves dogs, animals in general and Belgian shepherds in particular. We bought Uzi in 2007. He is wonderful soul, extremelly friendly and lively creature. I instantly fell in love with him.  

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