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Friday, 29 November 2013

The Global Foto Project at Saint Joseph's University

I have the pleasure to showcase the photographic artwork produced by the students of photographer and educator Walter Plotnick at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA USA.

The Global Foto Project concept, is that students explore contemporary photography of their peers, from Asia, Europe, Africa, Central and South America. Including International Jesuit Institutions of Higher Education. Students researched images that inspire them on a visual, conceptual, spiritual or thematic basis. Students then create their own images based on their findings. Not to replicate their researched images but rather to be inspired and create new images.

Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA USA
Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA USA
 Mr. Plotnick has shared the images his students created during this semester long project and I must admit that I am amazed at the maturity some of the works present.

Lets take the photo below by Michaella Pierce. It is an ordinary scene depicting spools of colour thread and some other objects associated with traditional sewing work. On the surface, we may see the objects, their colours, light, and composition, but the image tells much more. It tells a story of someone’s life, work and the objects used. The choice of dark background from where lit objects appear similar to those of an18th Century Dutch painting, creates an atmosphere of an old craftsmen at work in a garment factory. The value of this work is that it is evocative and creates a narrative that speaks to a tradition in a visually unique way and rich with colour. 

Photo by Michaella Pierce

Another work that has attracted my attention was taken by Kaitlyn Teeling. It is almost an abstract scene showing a thrown inkwell with a spill on the table, the natural flowing movement of the colours creates a sheer play of blue, green and purple with highlighted reflections. A kind of visual orchestra playing strong joyful music. This vigorous effect is highlighted by diagonal composition of the photo. Although spilling any kind of liquid on a workspace is rather associated with a kind of disaster, this work makes a very positive impression of movement, light and colour that is almost dream like.

Photo by Kaitlyn Teeling
There are many other great works by the US students I am showing you for your inspiration and pleasure. All of them present high quality in terms of technique, the choice of a theme and their interpretation.

Photo by Rachel Vernonis

Photo by Emily Smedly

Photo by Michaella Pierce

Photo by Michael Carnevale

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