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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spiritual Journey Through the Language of Art in Pictures

Mystic Wood, Fine Art Photography by Danuta Antas, 2010

In December 2010, I published a photography book on Blurb. The book, called El Paradiso Mio, was meant to be my spiritual journey through the language of Art in pictures. The majority of shots in the project was taken in Botanic Gardens in my hometown Bydgoszcz. The point of the series was to create my inner paradise that will exist in me forever. One of the ways to do this is by looking for the beauty where nobody sees it, or creating it with my imagination.

Although, El Paradiso Mio shows the beauty of Botanic Gardens in my hometown, most importantly, it shows how I perceive the place and how I feel there. The mystic atmosphere of unity with eternal is generally prevailing in this series, which is dedicated to all those people seeking their own place on the Earth. It may seem that creating a paradise like the set of shots from Botanic Gardens is just a piece of cake. But believe me, it's no so obvious a task.

Open your inner eyes to open your heart and mind
When I first visited the gardens a few years ago I liked it but I didn't notice 90% of what I am showing now in these works. For just one reason. I was different person. My awareness was much more limited that it is now. I used to see things that got on my nerves. Things that were ugly, bad, annoying. This critical way of looking at everything made me so very sad and it lowered my energy so much that I was even unable to create. Luckily, after taking part in Vedic Art workshops based on meditation and Vedic philosophy, reading lots of spiritual and raising awareness books, among which OSHO, Thomas Merton, Anthony de Mello, Carlos Valles and Jack Canfield are the most important authors, my life changed for good.

The purpose of my book and the main goal of my artistic work is to help other people open their eyes wide and their soul on a miracle around us. I wish everybody could experience spiritual revival to enjoy their life in full and to live to their highest potential. Tales Of Mystery is my testimony that it is possible and my gratitude to God for it.

From today on, I will publish everyday some works from the book. They all are arranged according to 4 seasons of the year as well as to basic concepts of visual Art language, such as Light, Colour, Texture, Line, Solid, Perspective, Movement and Composition.

Stay connected to see the whole project and read about some stories behind the images published!

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