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Sunday, 18 March 2012

How to Stir Your Imagination with 360 Degrees Perspective

'El Paradiso Mio", Fine Art Landscape Photography by Danuta Antas

In Summer 2010, I participated in a family picnic or gathering that was organised in a rural area some 40 minutes drive by car from the city I live in. As nice as the day and the weather were, we as a family, spent wonderful day. Taking advantage of out-of-the-city trip, I took a camera with me as I always do that. It's better to carry some additional bags in a car's boot than to get frustrated for loosing opportunity for great shots.
Each shooting spot carries countless opportunities

Nevertheless, that day I did lots of shots of the whole area where we spent time, moving around the place where all our relatives enjoyed their company. It looked as if they were a central spot on a map and me walking around and drawing a virtual 100-meter radius circle. I didn't realise it at first, not even while editing first shots downloaded to my computer, how many different worlds, views or landscape styles such a small place kept secret. From a broader perspective, I realised that this experience is a good symbol of various opportunities, hidden treasures that life has for us just at hand and we do not need to plan everything or fight for anything. The only thing we need is to follow the 'path' that unfolds in front of you and react to it. Be honest as to what and why you do.

I did that shots for I was as much enchanted by the beauty, or even mystery of a hidden creek as by nostalgic look in the eyes of a goat, tied to a fence and maybe somewhere in depth of its soul missing the freedom of moving around.

I was moved by a collapsing, abandoned house, where the only signs of life were two dogs each chained to its own prison.

I was delighted by beautiful sky, crispy air, by circles on a pond drawn by swimming boys and girls.

The piled branches and stones under a small bridge thrown over the creek made me reflect upon recent Spring floods that destroyed much of a region in my country, leaving people without homes, lost in despair.

I could numerate lots of things that made me intrigued, enchanted or sad for the good and bad things that happen in this world. All the reflections triggered by one small piece of land and during several-hour-stay. I write about this experience to show you how much things we can discover when we become more aware.

Try to become more aware! Train your imagination!
Photographers often tend to seek for spectacular views, famous landscape spots, but I suggest trying to exercise your awareness by spending whole day in one place chosen at random and moving around for several  hours, just to give yourself time to identify with the place, to breathe in its air and feel its energy. All that to give yourself a chance of developing your own vision, learning to see the world with your own eyes. It is because I think that ordinary spots are better than the well-known ones as we look at them without preconceived vision.

Some unexpected, not planned shots may bring your surprise. The top up photo of the creek was awarded with Honourable Mention Award at International Photography Awards IPA 2011.

Do you have your own way of training your imagination? Please, share with us in the comments below!
'El Paradiso Mio", Fine Art Landscape Photography by Danuta Antas
'El Paradiso Mio", Fine Art Landscape Photography by Danuta Antas
'El Paradiso Mio", Fine Art Landscape Photography by Danuta Antas
'El Paradiso Mio", Fine Art Landscape Photography by Danuta Antas
'El Paradiso Mio", Fine Art Landscape Photography by Danuta Antas
'El Paradiso Mio", Fine Art Landscape Photography by Danuta Antas

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