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Sunday, 11 March 2012

How to Make Money on your Fine Art Photography

Sample book cover design based on my landscape photography - it took up 15 minutes to do

One of the major problems that emerging fine art photographers encounter is how to make money on selling their art and be able to upgrade their gear, buy pro lens, promote their art, do website, submit works to photo contests, etc. All things that need to be done to build our photographic presence, both, on-line and in a real world require quite a big money.

What if you are not a well-off artist and you can't rely on family, expect any legacy or any other support, yet you are a gifted person who has something to say to this world?

You always may rely on your skills! if you believe in yourself and really love what you do!

Before you start earning money by selling your great photography, it may be necessary to do many other things for living. It would be a waste of time if the things you do in your job were not connected with your beloved photography. I, personally, along with taking up photography as my passion, started my own design studio offering people artistic design based on my photographs. I design headers for websites, big size outdoor advertising banners, book covers where my works are included into the project, I do small websites in which I also use my works. Recently, I even started to design small, magazine ads, where I also make use of my photographic work when only it is possible.

There is no so bad a thing as photographer who sells pizza!
There are really countless ways, to show yourself as an artist photographer and offer people something unique.The good thing about offering your fine art works included into commercial projects is that you still master your photographic skills, you build your own group of clients who have businesses, you are getting noticed and distinguished. There is no so bad a thing as photographer who sells pizza. I don't have nothing against pizza, actually i love it, but in a job outside your scope of interest you surely won't master your photographic skills.

What else you may do to get your first money for your photographic work?

First let your friends know what you do!

The easiest way to start with earning money on your skills is to do some cheap service for your friends, especially look for those who have some kind of business and may need your help. Remember, we live in Internet based world, if don't have enough friends, you may easily make new ones via Facebook, LinkedIn and other such websites. You may offer some photographic decorations for their newly bought home, a canvas print as a Christmas gift, you may do some nice portraits of their children, or simply ask them to publish some of your works on their websites with a link to your portfolio. You may help to retouch their grandma old family photo or just take s profile portrait for their CV. Maybe you won't get big money from it, but making people happy with your service, will surely repay with further recommendations.

Make special portfolio presenting your service work.

Some personal story

Below there is an example of a website I did last Autumn for a therapist specialising in massages. The client looked for someone who would do for him a whole branding materials, including business cards, client cards, posters, logo design and many other things. He wanted to create a warm, relaxing and trustworthy image of his service and above all, he wanted to have something that would distinguish his company from other rival ones. He got in touch with me through recommendation of my other client, who I did website for, too and who loves my photographic work. I included my works into all the designs making my client happy and satisfied, getting a back link to my portfolio, too. I was occupied with this commercial project for more than a month and it really was worth it. Doing such commercial projects I don't feel I cheat on my fine art photography. And, by the way, after 2 months since the project, the client asked me for another design work. Thanks to commercial projects I do I have more opportunities to learn Photoshop:)  


Another sample of my design work with the use of my photography. These are headers for an e-store, you may see at www.trenddecor.pl I did several such headers for the client for various year seasons and they were so happy with my work to ask me for their website redesigning and for many other projects to do for their other e-store.

Danuta Antas, website header design
Danuta Antas, website header design
Danuta Antas, website header design
More examples of my design works you may see at my graphic design portfolio DEA Design

What are your ways of monetizing your fine art photography? Please, share with us in the comments below!

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