Welcome to my Seeking Beauty in Ordinary photography blog. I am Poland based fine art photographer, graphic designer & web designer. For almost 20 years, I used to work as an Art and English teacher at all school levels. As a designer working on commission, the needs and tastes of my clients are priority. While photography is my way of self-expression, my true love and passion. I took it up in 2009 and each day I’ve been learning something new about photography, technique, gear, etc. Looking at the world through the lens made me see everything in a sharper way, more consciously. I have learnt to notice beauty in things commonly perceived as ugly, ordinary as well as I have learnt to sense some mystic energy surrounding me each day.

I hope you enjoy my through-the-lens vision of a world I share with you on this site and find my Art language tips useful. Your comments are an invaluable feedback to me.For more information about my work visit my Painted with Light website. Contact with via my BEHANCE Pro Site.

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Focus on your Assets

Life Saying for a New Year
I have had a dream today in which a sudden thought or idea dawned on me. It was just one sentence. Let me quote it don't focus on what you desire in your life, but focus on and devote to what you already have. It makes me think over my New Year resolutions. As I am always looking for opportunities to improve my inner life, spiritual living and at the same time not loosing touch with reality, thus the dream is a message for me. I have realized that next year I have to set my heart on what I already have; I mean my art, knowledge, skills, my dear relatives and friends, and many

Monday, 28 December 2009

La Gatta - in Memory of Kicia

La Gatta by Danuta Antas, 2009

La gatta is one of my recent works. I love cats and I used to have one, a female called Kicia, she has lived with us for almost 14 years. This photo is my special "thanks" to her for all those years spent togehter, all moments of joy, her trust to me. She taught me a lot!

Despite the history of cat's theme in my photographic work, I like to use in my works various textures inspired by nature. Majority of them I take from my other photographs. This is a kind of photo collage; it is one of my favourite techniques used in modern digital photography.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Inspirations - Some Music I Love

There are many young artists, singers that emerge each year, yet so few that I tend to remember longer than just for a few-minute time of their song lasting. I know, it is relatively easy to catch public attention with nicely sang a song, but much more difficult to make the song rings longer in people's ears, or better to make it sank in people's hearts.

One of the crucial factors for me to evaluate an art work is how long I remember particular piece of Art, whether it is a song, painting, photography or movie. In this case, I must point that my memory is located in the heart rather than in the brain. If something touches my feelings, I do remember it forever.
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