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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Inspirational - Saved Soul

Dancing Couple by Danuta Antas, 2010

Believe it or not, my 4-leg friends, Bari and Uzi (their photos below), saved my broken soul several years ago. I was in deep despair and depression after my dark period. At that time, between 2003-2006, I was able to notice only the worst things in this world, nothing seemed good for me.
When the dogs appeared in our family, they've made us regularly go for a walk out to the wood. Observing them, their happiness at simplest pleasures, no matter how bad the weather was, made me realise that there are countless reasons to be happy, even if nothing particular changed in my life. I have found big pleasure in observing well-known spots, how they change at certain days, seasons, weather conditions, etc. When not

disturbed by noise and people, I also noticed almost mystic beauty in ordinary things, common looking trees, wild flowers and such. Catching their elusive beauty became my artistic obsession. The three images below depict exactly the same trees I shot at different angles and different seasons trying to convey mood and feelings they have evoked in me.

Uzi, Belgian shepherd, my dear friend and companion
Bari, got to our home on Valentine's Day 2003, my other dear friend and companion

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