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Friday, 9 March 2012

How to Find New Inspirations for your Art?

Jewel by Danuta Antas, 2011
All artists need new inspirations for their creative work to develop
and sometimes, when our life situation makes us somehow limited by lack of time, lack of money or any other lack:), we, creative souls may feel anxious, disappointed or even depressed. I can only say that since Summer 2011, I have been limited by ... Oh! ... how many things,
including the ability to walk after my last year accident that ended up with broken leg.
Nevertheless, as much as limited in a physical movement, I became more movable in my mind and in my typical reactions. In Autumn 2011, when I was slightly better with walking, I asked my beloved partner, Andrew, to go for a trip to a very well-known for us  place some 15-minute drive from my hometown. This a wood-and-lake area, where in Summer lots of people spend afternoons and evenings swimming and sunbathing after their working hours. Me too, came to that place countless times. Yet, the mentioned Autumn due to problems with walking I wasn't able to follow typical paths in the place and, well I may say that my legs led me their way. To my big surprise, just some steps aside the normal route I used to walk in the past, I found out that treasure in the photo above. Another lake, or pond, whatever, I had no idea it exists there. It was hidden behind some trees and bushes and the access to it was protected by muddy ground. I couldn't approach it closer, so that is why some branches are seen in the foreground. The play of lines created by surrounding trees reflected in the water and beautiful autumn colours. On top of this there was a couple of swans swimming there. This peaceful like from fairy tales view made me stay in awe and look in disbelief. Is that really the place I know for more than 20 years! How could I miss this pond?!
and then I recalled teaching my students on linear perspective, explaining them how much the perception of reality changes when we move up or down.
Look at old shooting spots from new perspective
I encouraged them to experiment and act in an uncommon way. For example, when you lay down on the ground, you see everything much bigger. It's like frog's view of the world. I know it is not a discovery for you:) but what we need to remember is the effect such perspective creates. When we use oversized objects in our works they usually cause some sort of unease or anxiety. It's like looking at monster-size Kingkong from old movie by a small human being. So, when you want to choose this kind of perspective with much lowered point it must suit the theme you focus on. You can't create angle like character with this point of view. Be aware of artistic means of expression and feelings, emotions they evoke!   
and then ...
Experiment!  Try new technologies! Break the rules! and what?
It is one of commonly heard advice by emerging artists. Yes, it helps to make step forward with your creative work. But! to break the rules, remember, you must first learn them!

From New Perspective by Danuta Antas, 2010

Shoot old spots in a new way!
When I took up photography more than 2 years ago, one of the best advice I got from a friend photographer, Laird Bindrim. He advised me to come back to the places I shot in the past and do new images with a fresh look and new knowledge. It is so simple yet so useful to make progress with your creative work when you try to correct yourself. On the other hand, it is also very motivational as we ourselves may notice the progress we do in the course of time.

What inspires you for your creative work? Share with us in the comments below!  


  1. przepiękne spojrzenie prosto z krystalicznie czystej Duszy. Twoje prace zachwycają mnie do łez... Piękno w czystej formie :)

    1. Dziękuję Kasiu za piękny komentarz. To wiele dla mnie znaczy:)
      POzdrawiam serdecznie:)

  2. Wonderful article,Danka, and now I am in love with the photo above, Jewel! See how fickle I am. But it still has those hints of color that so entrance me!

    1. :)Thank you Elinor for yor warm words:) I really appreciate that you like my colour works. I like colour too, but as I said in our interview, I use both modes, black and white as well as colour, for different purposes. And telling the truth, while shooting the top photo with swans, I didn't notice then how beautiful the colours in the background were. I was enchanted by the peaceful scene itself, the own swans' hidden world, naturally protected by inaccessible ground surrounding the pond. I think I have managed to show this mood, at least a little bit:)

  3. Beautiful posts, keep em coming :)


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