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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Looking for Meaning in Life - Isolated People in a Crazy World

Isolated People, Fine Art Photography by Danuta Antas, 2010
Today being in a mood  for sad reflections on human nature and our crazy life on this world, posting one of my poems and photographs I did in 2010.

The Amusement Park

In the amusement park,
On the carousel of life
Turning at a dizzying pace,
You are searching happy faces in vain.

Everyone in a rat race,
More and more,
Faster and faster.
The small amusement park
Is swarming with clowns,
trying to entertain those
Who have no reason to laugh.

Makeup faces, Mask faces.
They express everything but not themselves.
True feelings, thoughts and desires
So well hidden,
That you can’t notice them anymore.

In the curved mirror of illusion
We build our “happiness”.

 Written by Danuta Antas, 2006

Isolated People, Fine Art Photography by Danuta Antas, 2010
Isolated People, Fine Art Photography by Danuta Antas, 2010

Self_Portrait Implied, Fine Art Photography by Danuta Antas, 2010

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