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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Catch the Moment When it Occurs

For the last 15 years I have made a huge effort to achieve a deep self-consciouss living. Reading tones of books, articles, thinking a lot, following all the wise people advice and verifying if it works, I finally reached the state of mind that lets me enjoy each day, each single moment regardless of circumstances and the weather (popular topic people in my country discuss everyday and constantly complain about).

The shots below are a perfect example of my catching the moment, living here and now. I did them last year while coming back home from
a business trip with my Andrew. When we were driving a car along one of main roads in our city I noticed an incredible cloud formations in the sky. It was right after rain, the Sun was very low. I did the first of the shots below while we were moving and then, we stopped at a crossroads waiting for green light when I did the other two. The light and mood it created in the air made me particularly intriqued to observe other people in their cars, the bus driver whose face was reflected in the side mirror, the overall movement of other cars triggered to move in certain directions just by the change of light.
I love watching the life as if I was outside the scene looking from distance, seeing everything like wide angle lens:)

I hope you will enjoy the photographs and feel the special mood of the moment I have tried to show in them.

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