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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Miracles Are Not For Everybody

I have chosen this controversial title for this post with a special intention. Why? I tell you in a minute. Of course, I think that miracles and wonders are for everybody, yet so few is able to notice it. People tend to consider a miracle a UFO sort of thing, but it may never happen in your life. Much easier is to live consciously and notice awesome things you pass by everyday, for example, on your way to work or just while walking with your dog.
But many people are like blind with open eyes. Can you notice in the mallow shot below something beautiful? I think you say 'Yes'. I have noticed it, too. I did this photo last Summer. The flower grew on a lawn in front of my house. It made me smile each day, whenever I got out and saw it. One day, some men working with lawn mowers cut it to the ground! For them, the mallow was just like a weed. They wouldn't probably notice the miss of universum if she was wearing T-shirt and jeans!:)


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