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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Altered Light - Seeing a different world by John Anthony

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Altered Light, book by John Anthony

The gardener stands up looks kindly upon you and says, 'Welcome. The lane outside the gate where you were standing is your Life Pathway. You have been guided to this place by the joy and heartache, fun and laughter, trials and tests experienced in your life and the many other Angel Lives you have lived. This is your Spiritual Sanctuary where you come to find out who you really are, and to meet Sacred Self.
Your Spiritual Sanctuary is protected by the Angels of Creation; it is a place of total safety, of peace love and healing. Only those who bring loving, creative energy may join you here. Visit whenever you wish and stay as long as you need. All you need to do is sit quietly where you will not be disturbed and with closed eyes ask to be here ...
John Anthony Altered Light, 2014

Strange things happen since October, those were the words that once appeared in my sleeping mind while I was dreaming about being in an incredible, underwater magic chamber. The scene like from a famous book by Jules Verne's A Journey to the Center of the Earth. And indeed, these intriguing words carry some important message I have been trying to figure out since the time I first saw them in my dream.

Several months ago, a UK writer got in touch with me asking for licencing my photography. He was looking for images that would suit for the cover of his spiritual book he was writting at the time. He come across my inner light photography website and then mailed to me. That was John Anthony and that was October 2013. Since then we have been writing several times to each other. John was so generous to send me the excerpt of his book before it was published and let me be one of the book's first readers. I am very apprecitive and feel deeply honoured with John's trust.

The book Altered Light was published at the begining of March, 2014. Although my photography has not been selected for the cover (editor's choice) John once again was very generous and send me a signed copy of his beautiful and very special book, which I have now in my hands. What strikes me most from the very first lines of the book is incredibly strong, positive energy that flows from it like a huge fountain splashing its water around. Honestly, I have never felt anything like that concerning books.

The excerpt at the beginning of this post, beautiful and bringing peace at heart, comes from John Anthony's spiritual book called Altered Light, which I have pleasure and honour to share with you.

What the author himself says about his book.

Altered Light is a story of now and of forever. What is happening to us and our world and why? Massive changes occurring on a global scale have seen our ways of living transformed in just a few decades. Is this all caused by human activity or is there a bigger picture we are not seeing? Altered Light provides answers to those questions, exploring not only historical sequence but the human choices that have shaped the world we know. At this critical time for human evolution there is a way we can all be part of the solution rather than the problem. That way is to embrace Altered Light and step up to who we really are, fulfilling our true purpose for being here. It's time to be happy again.

I have come from the ice because you are The One. I have come because it's time to embrace Altered Light, to rediscover who you really are

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The book is available at AlteredLight.co.uk website

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